Isabella holding a GF nut-free Unicorn

Unicorn Cookie Story

Meet Isabella, the face of the Unicorn Cookie Jar. One day on a family flight from Burbank, to San Francisco​ California she had her first allergic reaction to pistachio gelato from the airport. We were fortunate another family on the flight also had a child with allergies and had some chew tablets that worked for Isabella.

After confirming at a doctor appointment Isabella had a severe allergy to ALL nuts, coupled with the fact she had a sensitivity to gluten, desserts became hard to find. Most places that bake gluten free use nut flours or rice flour which leaves grit in your mouth. My daughter was disgusted with the gritty, hard, dried out cookies. Try telling a toddler at a birthday party that they cannot have cake or cookies. That was when I decided to create a Bella friendly dessert the entire family would enjoy.

After studying all the flour types and the chemistry of what makes a cookie, I made over 70 different batches of cookies until I perfected it. That was when the original chocolate chip unicorn was born. I promise you will never find a more delicious and soft gluten-free cookie. I am so confident that you will not be able to tell it is gluten-free, that all I ask for after you try them, is to tell the world that you now "believe in unicorns."